Contemporary Theories of Learning: Learning Theorists ... In Their Own Words

Contemporary Theories of Learning: Learning Theorists … In Their Own Words

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In this definitive collection of today’s most influential learning theorists, sixteen world-renowned experts present their understanding of what learning is and how human learning takes place.

Professor Knud Illeris has collected chapters that explain both the complex frameworks in which learning takes place and the specific facets of learning, such as the acquisition of learning content, personal development, and the cultural and social nature of learning processes. Each international expert provides either a seminal text or an entirely new précis of the conceptual framework they have developed over a lifetime of study.

Elucidating the key concepts of learning, Contemporary Theories of Learning provides both the perfect desk reference and an ideal introduction for students. It will prove an authoritative guide for researchers and academics involved in the study of learning, and an invaluable resource for all those dealing with learning in daily life and work. It provides a detailed synthesis of current learning theories… all in the words of the theorists themselves.


The theories of

Knud Illeris

Peter Jarvis

Robert Kegan

Yrjö Engeström

Bente Elkjaer

Jack Mezirow

Howard Gardner

Peter Alheit

John Heron

Mark Tennant

Jerome Bruner

Robin Usher

Thomas Ziehe

Jean Lave

Etienne Wenger

Danny Wildemeersch & Veerle Stroobants

In their own words


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